Soccer Summer Info 2020

Hello Lady Vikings Soccer family,

I hope you are all doing well, staying healthy and safe! I’m reaching out because it’s time to get moving with North Soccer again and I need your help getting the kids involved in off-season activities.

As our earliest on-field return date is June 30, we have at least two more weeks where the most we can do is distance learning. With tryouts scheduled just two months from now it’s important for players to build skills and fitness. I’ve set up a Google Classroom for our program to help organize distance practices and learning.


While I’d like for players to join with their own emails (school district emails will not work, so use Gmail, Yahoo, icloud, etc.), parents/guardians are also welcome to join and see what we’re working on and ensure the kids have the info they need.

I’m hoping to have at least one distance practice session this week, and these may continue through the summer if we need them to keep the kids involved and active. Basically, the players join through Google Meet and participate in hour-long practice which consists of ball-skills work and fitness exercises. They should have a soccer ball, and an appropriate environment (enough space to practice skills and move around a little) and clothing/equipment for a soccer workout. Ideally they have a working camera (phone, computer) so they can be coached as they follow along.

If you have any questions about these practices, please let me know. I’ve had many with my club team and they’ve gone smoothly, with the players showing clear improvement in their ability, so I know for certain the sessions are valuable as long as the players participate regularly.

As we work through different skills, I’ll post updates in the classroom so they can review and work independently plus other info to help keep players moving and grow their knowledge of soccer. With enough participation we can also arrange group events.
Like with any off-season work, everything “assigned” through the classroom is optional. Joining the classroom does not imply any sort of commitment so I strongly encourage even those who are unsure to do so. Please feel free to share the classroom with any girls who are interested in playing soccer at North, as well as current teammates. Anyone else should check with me before joining.

Any way you can encourage your young soccer players to stay involved at this time is hugely appreciated. The rest of the summer is unlikely to go as most have in the past, so we need to work with what we can to learn and grow as a soccer program family together.

Again, if you have any questions at all please reach out. Thank you and I hope to see everyone out on the fields again soon!

And don’t forget – GO VIKS!